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September 7, 2008

Will the world end on Wednesday?

Filed under: General Blogging — dtrask @ 3:43 pm

This coming Wednesday the brilliant minds at CERN will fire up the Large Hadron Collider in an attempt to obliterate some atoms and discover more about the nature of matter. The internet “harbingers of doom” have crawled out of the abyss of cyberspace to announce that the LHC will produce small black holes that will swallow the earth and end life as we know it. So…do you mean I’m writing this “flippin'” blog post on what could possibly be my last lazy Sunday afternoon on earth? All I can say is the Red Sox had BETTER WIN! Personally, I think the whole silly thing is a conspiracy to give the conspiracy theorists something to conspire about and to start a conspiracy that that there is a conspiracy to create a conspiracy about a conspiracy theory dealing with the conspiracy to make all conspiracy theorists look really stupid.

On the other hand it just might be an experiment.


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