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March 3, 2008

Firefox Keyboard shortcuts or “And you thought you knew how to surf!”

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Firefox logo

Today I stumbled across a blog post about voting for your favorite Firefox keyboard shortcut. I thought to myself, “I wonder just how shortcuts there are?” I know the old standby’s like CTRL-C to copy, CTRL-V to paste, and my favorite…CTRL-T to open a new tab. (Yes, I know more too, but these are a sample) Lo’ and behold…I found even more! Some of them have already changed my surfing habits! I’m much faster now. How about CTRL-L which highlights and selects the address bar….or try this…

Type a word in the address bar such as “openoffice” (no quotes)

Now press CTRL-Enter Voila! Firefox automatically puts in the www and .com for you! To use .org press SHIFT-CTRL-ENTER and for .net use SHIFT-ENTER. Pretty cool huh? Between CTRL-L and the others, I can pretty much avoid using the mouse or trackpad most of the time!

Find out all about the shortcuts and more on this page from the folks who bring you Firefox!  Click Here


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