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November 23, 2008

My “other” blog that I hope you’ll visit

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Flubbernuggets logo

Flubbernuggets logo

Hi all…I have a favor to ask… I have a new blog Flubbernuggets and I’m hoping that maybe I can get some of you to visit on a regular basis. I’m trying to break into the blogging “business” and am hoping to be able to provide a useful and informative blog that many folks will find useful. I’m open to suggestions, feeback, ideas, criticisms, and even contributions! If you’d like to contribute an idea or even an article…please let me know. (copperdoggy_AT_gmail.com) So…check out Flubbernuggets and learn more about helpful tech tips and information for newbies, experts, and web citizens. Flubbernuggets tackles issues ranging from how to’s to what’s new on the net! Hardware buying advice, software reviews, and the latest web tools! Updated frequently each day. Full RSS feeds available. Subscribe to this blog and become a Nuggethead!


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