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October 15, 2007

What about an iPhone?

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Friday at the annual MaineEd conference I got a chance to play with an iPhone for a few minutes.  I also had the opportunity to talk to several people who have iPhones.  The general consensus was that it’s the very best cellphone they’ve ever owned…period.  I was pretty amazed by the capabilties.  While I think my Nokia N800 has greater capabilities overall, it is limited to a Wi-Fi connection where the iPhone can access the internet and so forth from either a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.  That’s pretty amazing.  I often imagine what it would be like to be able to surf the net while waiting for my wife to come out of the grocery store, while getting the car fixed, while waiting in a parking lot for my daughter to get out of practice…and so forth.  What I often wonder about is some of the other phones that supposedly do similar tasks, such as the Nokia N95.  Have you had any experience with the iPhone?  How about one of the others?  How does it impact your daily life?  Do you use it for your job or school?  Let me know…I’m toying with the idea of getting an iPhone at some point…or maybe something else?

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October 11, 2006


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I’m sitting here today in a workshop in Southern Maine for technology directors who are involved in Maine’s one-to-one laptop program called MLTI (Maine Learing Technology Initiative). We have just had an awesome demo of a fantastic program (I’m not easy to impress) called NoteShare by Aquaminds. There are so many incredible features that I can’t even begin to describe here. It is available for Mac OS X (only…sorry Windows users). Create online books complete with embedded Flash, video, music, voice memos, and so much more! Download the 30 day trail and check it out! Very powerful!


October 8, 2006

The new Macbook Pro from Apple

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Macbook Pro

Ok…maybe it’s not so new, but mine is! I have recently received a new Macbook Pro laptop. What a cool laptop (and no…I’m not referring to the ambient temperature as the MacBook Pro does run a tad warm). I love the ergonomics, weight, and features….not to mention it’s screaming fast! Perhaps the most important feature to me, as an educator, is the fact that I can run Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Linux (I’m running Ubuntu) all on the same machine! That’s pretty useful!

There are two main methods for running Linux and Windows on a MacBook Pro. One such method is through the use of BootCamp. Click here for more info.

Another method….and the manner I have chosen to do it….is with a program called Parallels Workstation for Mac OS X. Click here to visit the Parallels site.

I have installed both Windows XP and Ubuntu along with Mac OS X.

See screenshot here:

Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu desktop

click for larger pic

Now I can have my cake and eat it too…Linux, OS X, and Windows. As an educator, this is ideal….one laptop to rule them all 🙂 I can work with OpenOffice showing a feature to my second graders….move to Windows to record the latest typing scores for my fifth grade class…and then back to Mac OS X to finish editing a Keynote presentation with my middle school kids. If you’re looking for a very fast laptop with cool features like a built in camera, dual core Intel processors, and decent battery life…..oh and the cool remote that controls Front Row…allowing you to use your MBP as a media center…then the Macbook Pro comes highly recommended…

at least by me! 🙂


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