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November 5, 2007

Our first day with the Intel Classmate PC running Edubuntu!

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Last week at the Ubuntu Developers Summit in Boston I was given a shiny new Intel Classmate PC loaded with Edubuntu 7.10!  Aside from being a nice little tiny laptop that I could play around with, I was really excited to get it home and show it to the kids.  I used it as a prop for a lesson on free vs. freedom in the world of computers and software.  I also discussed with the kids how computers can play a vital role in opening up the world for kids who have never even seen a computer, especially kids in the developing world.  It was a great discussion!  Check out the excitement for yourself!

Classmate PC at VCS

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  1. David,
    First of all, a GREAT blog! I see that you are totally involved with Edubuntu – that is great. I found so many interesting websites from your blog. Its great.
    I run a school in Pune (pronounced as poo ne), India, and I have a lot of old PC’s with me (P1’s, P2’s etc). I was hoping to run Edubuntu on those – but the CD refuses to even load the basic kernel. That was quite depressing. I tried giving it *many* boot parameters, to no avail. I will send you the detailed messages separately.
    Then, I tried various other distros like Fluxbuntu, Damn Small Linux, FreeDuc, Gentoo, and Vector Linux. DSL worked off the CD, but when I tried to load the OS on the hard drive, GRUB threw a fit. I will raise a bug with DSL regarding this, but I am short of time here (school begins after mid term vacations in a week!). As of now, Vector Linux is installing on my P1 200MHz with 45MB RAM, because of which I am quite relieved.
    Anyway, the purpose of me writing here is to commend you on your work. I wish to pick up on your lines and hopefully do a good job!

    nkarkare at gmail.com

    Comment by nkarkare — November 9, 2007 @ 9:29 am | Reply

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