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May 8, 2007

Final hours in Sevilla

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The work is done (for me at least….everyone else has 3 more days). I take off for the airport in a hour or so. It’s been one heckuva’ week. So much is going to happen in the next few months…what a ride it will be. I’m excited. I’ve learned so much…have so many new ideas…and have had the chance to see education in a new light. If anyone else ever gets a chance to visit another classroom in another part of the world, I highly recommend it. Anyway, this evening we went out with some of the gang to another cafe and had a terrific meal. After the meal I made a special trip to see the bridge that my students and I had seen on the Wikipedia page about Seville. It’s truly amazing. Last, I was a witness to quite a technological feat….a video conference between Sevilla and Detroit Michigan using nothing but a laptop, a projector and a web cam. It didn’t cost a dime. Mark Shuttleworth, Jono Bacon, and Oliver Grawert were “guest stars” in the video conference and answered questions posed by the audience in Detroit. Very cool…and it illustrates the power of the internet and how small our world is becoming. With that…I leave you for now. I will be travelling all day tomorrow (almost 24 hours), so I will not post for a bit, but in the meantime…here are some pics to tide you over:

Last Day Sevilla UDS

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