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May 7, 2007

My visit to Alcazar Palace in Sevilla (UDS Day 1)

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Today (Sunday) was the first official day of the Ubuntu Developer’s Summit in Seville, Spain. (aka UDS Sevilla) UES (Ubuntu Education Summit) preceded UDS and ended on Friday. We spent all day working hard on the first round of specifications for the next release of Ubuntu (codenamed: Gutsy Gibbon). It was great to see people again (our numbers more than quadrupled from UES). The work on the new specs was rewarding, but it was a long day. But!….(there’s always a but)…the government of the autonomous region of Andalusia played host to the Ubuntu folks and bussed us to the city center for a tour of the Alcazar Palace and a reception that followed. I was tired and not sure if I wanted to go in the first place, but I’m very glad I did. The tour was amazing…the palace was beautiful…and even more amazing was the fact that I had the opportunity to walk on the same floor that had been walked on by Christopher Columbus where he was received by the King and Queen of Spain prior to his discovery of The New World. I have a lot of pictures of this tour in the gallery below, but also check out these two sites for even better images of what I saw…

Click here
and Click here

My Gallery is below:

Tour of Alcazar Palace and Day 1 of UDS Sevilla

Hey kids:

1. Look up the Alcazar Palace in Wikipedia! What can you tell me about it?

2. Did you know that Spain still has a royal family? Can you tell me about them?

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