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May 5, 2007

Trip to Gibraltar!

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Today was a rare occasion, instead of having to work, we got the day off!  This is unusual and has not happened before, but due to the way the dates fell, there was a day between UES and UDS, thus we were able to actually go sightseeing!  I went to Gibraltar with Jim McQuillan of Detroit,MI, Scott Balneaves of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, and Matt Oquist of Hudson, NH.  I’ve known all of these guys for a while and the trip had actually been planned prior to our arrival.  We rented a car in the morning and headed out across the Southern Spain countryside toward the Mediterranean Sea.  The ride was fantastic.  Southern Spain is very rural…all farmland and plains…at least until you get close to the sea…then it’s rolling hills and deep ravines.  I took lots of pictures along the way through the car window.  A couple hours later we arrived at the sea.  Until you’ve seen it, you cannot fully appreciate the size of the Rock of Gibraltar.  Gibraltar is a British Territory and a very strategic military installation with a long history.  I encourage you to read about it in Wikipedia…I sure learned a lot!  The Rock is home to about 30,000 people.  Only a small number are British military folks.  Gibraltar is a self-governed territory that is part of the UK.  There is only one town or city…and that is Gibraltar.  The entire peninsula is easy to get around on foot…except the climbing part.  The roads are very narrow and the buildings are a mix of old and new.  I got the opportunity to go into the Rock and walk in the Great Siege Tunnels.  These tunnels were created by the British as a means of defense.  The rock is one big fort with 33 miles of tunnels!  The tunnels have holes where the big guns were mounted.  Soldiers actually lived inside the rock!  I had the chance to see an old Moorish Castle built in the 700’s.  I also saw and walked up to the only known wild (although quite tame) monkey’s in Europe!  I have posted many pictures and videos for you to look at.  I have to admit, I had a blast today!  Tomorrow it’s back to work, but at least tonight I can relax with the memory of a fantastic day.

Here’s 132 pictures for ya’!

Trip to Gibraltar

The rock face of Gibraltar and the view of the airport

Inside the Great Siege Tunnels!

Another video from inside the Rock!

The Gibraltar Airport and the main road that crosses the runway!

A military planes lands!

The native “apes” of Gibraltar!

One shot….two continents!

Hey kids! I’ve got a few questions!

1. Can you tell me what kind of money they use in Gibraltar?

2. I saw a lot of oil tankers in the ocean off Gibraltar…any idea why?

3. What language do they speak in Gibraltar?

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