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May 3, 2007

Phew! I did it…and it went quite well!

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Well, it’s now late afternoon in Seville and I have finished my presentation.  The audience was made up of people (about 50) from all over the world.  There seemed to be a lot from Spain (of course), but also many from the UK, South Africa, Germany, Austria, and even the US and China!  My presentation was primarily a chronicle of our journey over the past several years to using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), which includes things like Open Office, Linux, Firefox, and so much more!  I talked about the $$$ that has been saved, the “green” factor, and the methods, obstacles, and politics of implementing a situation similar to what we have in Vassalboro.  There were a lot of good questions during and after my presentation (which made me feel good, because questions mean that you got them thinking).  After the presentation I was pulled aside by folks from Intel and System76 for more detailed discussion.  This is pretty exciting.  The “bleeding” edge that VCS has been on for the past several years (do you realize we’ve done this since 2001?)…is now being pursued by the mainstream technology companies.  Intel is actually here in person with their new and very tiny Classmate PC, which is actually running Linux.  Believe it or not…in the next couple years a new and bigger version of the Classmate PC should be available to US schools and those of other developed nations.  (Currently the target is developing nations)  It’s pretty cool…having seen and played with both the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) machine and the ClassMate PC…if I HAD to buy one today…I’d probably choose the CMPC.  Also of note is the fact that Dell announce that they will begin shipping laptops and desktops with Ubuntu Linux!  Very exciting news!


Anyway…my presentation went very well and it makes me very proud to speak about the students, staff, and administration at VCS and their “forward thinking” attitudes in such a setting as this.

Here are some pics from the conference, none of me yet as I was speaking, but I just spoke with someone who took some pics of my presentation….so I will post them a little later once I get them from him.

Presentation at Sevilla

Here are some questions for the kids:

1.  Today I listened to a presentation about cool little laptops.  One of the places they distributed these laptops is Nigeria.  Can you tell me where Nigeria is?  What continent is it on?  What are some of the bordering countries?

2.  Much of what we talk about at this conference is about Linux.  Can you tell me who “invented” Linux?  (Once you find it…maybe you can tell me why it’s called “linux”?)

Stay tuned…more tonight or in the morning.

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