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December 17, 2006

JAJAH Web activated Telephony…check it out!

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It has been billed as a “Skype killer”….(this I gotta’ see as I use Skype a lot)  It is rumored to be part of the upcoming Apple “iPhone”.  What is it?  It’s Jajah!  I recently read about Jajah in an article about the rumored upcoming Apple iPhone…so I clicked on the link to check it out.  Registration was straightforward and easy…and it didn’t ask for the name of my first-born or anything.  Next came the moment of truth…  Unlike Skype you don’t use the computer to make the call…you use a telephone.  Actually you use the computer to initiate the call, Jajah then calls phone #1 (which is yours) and then once you answer it calls phone #2 (the party you are trying to reach).  Calls are free in MANY areas….especially between Jahjah users.  AND…for the Christmas Holiday calls around the entire world are free for the 24 hour period of December 25th.  Jahjah could possibly be a Skype killer, but even if it isn’t it sure is a nice idea.  Check it out below.  Now…about that Apple “iPhone”……    😉

JAJAH – web-activated telephony

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