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November 10, 2006

Last Days at UDS Google (and Day 5 & 6)

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Hello everyone!  Here it is….the last day of UDS Google.  I have truly been honored to have been a part of it.  The camaraderie, hard work, and learning have made it all very worthwhile.  If you are an Ubuntu user and are currently using Dapper (6.06 LTS) or Edgy (6.10)….you’re gonna’ LOVE the next release…Fiesty Fawn (7.04).  The new features that will be release in Fiesty are really cool!  One of the biggest things you’ll notice will be the enhanced user experience on the desktop.  One of the cool eye candy things that I have on my own laptop, that will be in the next release, is that when I close a window…it goes up in a ball of fire and smoke.  Granted it has nothing to do with productivity, but then again…there are many things on today’s computers that have nothing to do with productivity…it’s just fun.  However, there are some cool productivity related “eye-candy” additions.  If you are a Mac OS X user then you are familiar with the awesome tool called “Expose” which allows you to see all of your open windows at once and pick the one you want to work in.  I use this feature all the time on my Macbook Pro.  I get lost easily when I have a gazillion windows or applications open.  Now Linux has this feature…and more.  I can not only use this feature on the current workspace, but also grab all the windows from all of my workspaces if I want.  (In Linux, users can have more than one desktop…this allows the user to keep things from piling up all in one space) See some videos below of these cool features…

Last night after the day’s sessions we were given a whirlwind tour of some of the Google facilities.  In the lobby of building 43 (the biggest on campus) is a copy of the “master plan” which is a whiteboard where staff members can write whatever they feel is part of the Google vision.  Many things are quite funny…some whimsical…and others actually make sense.  There is also a spaceship hanging from the ceiling.  Spaceship One was the winner of the X-Prize recently.  We also got a chance to see how Googlers work and play.  People at Google can bring their dogs to work…workout in many busy fitness centers…eat or drink whenever they want (for free)…pretty much set their own hours so long as the work gets done….etc.  While a bit unconventional, it seems like an awesome place to work (and a hard place to get into).  Here are some pics of the tour and Day 5 below…

UDS Day 5 & Google Tour

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