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November 9, 2006

Dinner with a pair of legends

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Outside the computer world, many people may have heard their names in passing, but for the most part do not know who they are….   I’m talking about Jon “Maddog” Hall and Ken Thompson.  I’ve known Maddog for a few years now as he is a presenter at NELS (The Northeast Linux Symposium) and also we’ve run into each other frequently at Linux events.  After a long day at UDS Google, the Edubuntu crew joined Maddog at his favorite brew pub in Mountain View called the Tied House.  What many of us didn’t know is that the empty chair beside him would soon be filled by the man who started it all, Ken Thompson.  More here   Maddog (more here) and Ken are old friends who go way back.  Once we all got over our initial shock….we had a great dinner and conversation with Maddog and Ken.  It was incredible hearing the stories of how things were back in the “wild” days of early computing and how what they have done has led us to where we are now.  I was thinking as I talked with Ken about how none of us would be there had it not been for him.  The computers you use now would not be in your laps or on your desks had it not been for guys like Maddog and Ken.  That’s pretty cool.  The pictures below are the proof of a good time!  Check them out!

The man who started it all

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