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November 6, 2006

Whew! Two days of Ubuntu Developers Summit gone by…

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Wow!  I am sitting here in a room in Building 44 on the Google campus composing this post after two full days of working on specifications for the upcoming release of Ubuntu and Edubuntu Linux (codenamed:  Fiesty Fawn).  The energy level is contagious….so much great stuff is being discussed.  The facilities here are incredible.  I have a few pictures (some of them contraband as you’re not allowed to take pictures inside the building….but I didn’t know at the time).  We arrived Saturday night in Mountain View and then boarded the shuttle bus Sunday morning for the first trip to Google.  Today this place is hoppin’ as everyone from Google is back to work….along with us.  All the rumors you’ve heard are true.  This must be an incredible place to work.  There are scooters in the hallway for employees to grab and use to get around….electric ones for the trips between buildings.  There are bicycles too!  Many of the bathrooms also have shower facilities for folks who want to commute or perhaps workout.  Lunch is free for all Google employees….and it’s an amazing cafeteria with fantastic food….healthy food.  All of the plates, spoons, forks, knives…and so forth are made from “corn”….looks and feels like plastic, but it’s biodegradable.  The food is incredible…I had a really tasty haddock with lime and jalepeno sauce…etc.  I’ve been working on several teams dealing with specific Edubuntu specifications.     One of which is the Edubuntu Network Authentication Server….this will essentially duplicate what I already do at VCS with our network, but will be “prettier” and more easy to set up.  Another is the Edubuntu dynamic menus system.  This is actually quite cool in that now we’ll be able to assign menus based on groups.  K-2 kids might see one set of menu items and applications….3-5 kids…another and older kids…yet another.  So now the menus become less cluttered and more age appropriate.  The one I’ve had the most fun in is the Student Control Panel.  This will allow teachers to control student sessions, lock student desktops (so they’ll pay attention to you and not the computer)…log kids out….share your screen with the students…etc.  Some of these features are already available, but the cool thing is that it will be possible to group them by classes for individual teachers.  Well….that’s it for now as I have one more session today and then it’s back to the hotel.  I hope to post some of the pictures later this evening….I would have done it now except I now realize I forgot the cable to my camera  😉

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