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November 1, 2006

Off to Cali!

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I’m sitting here during a NWEA Test (I am the proctor) in our new Mac Lab….(we have another test going on in our Linux Terminal Lab at the same time!)…and I’m just giddy with excitement (and nervous too) about my impending trip.  Matt Oquist (co-director of NELS) and myself are headed to sunny (I hope) California for 10 days of uber-geekin’ at the LTSP and Ubuntu Developers Summit at Google headquarters in Mountain View.  As a true Mainer would say, “I’m wicked psyched!”  Over the past couple of days I have become more and more interested in some of the developments of Edubuntu (the education version of Ubuntu) because much of the discussion has centered around getting centralized authentication to work with a nice GUI.  Matt (and a little of me) has come up with an awesome Samba/LDAP installer called smbldap_installer (http://www.majen.net/smbldap) .   I have been using Samba/LDAP for a few years now….and Matt’s installer has made life a lot easier.  The Edubuntu guys have basically said, “It’s time to get this into the mainstream and put a pretty face on it”.  That means good things for schools!  Matt and I take off tomorrow morning…so by tomorrow afternoon….the discussion will have started in earnest.  Stay tuned….I’ll post ramblings and pics as we go along!  🙂

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